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“There will be a great game, but don’t expect a landmark masterpiece”: Former 343i employee talks about the difficult development of Halo Infinite



Halo Infinite changed the radar following player suggestions

A former employee of Microsoft’s studio 343 Industries, which is responsible for the development of the Halo franchise, commented on the production of the upcoming shooter Halo Infinite. Eric Lin recorded a video in Chinese entitled ” How I got into 343 Industries and why I left it – a story about my 10-year journey ” and posted it on the Bilibili social network.

  • According to the Chinese developer who was involved in the creation of skyboxes for the new shooter in the 343 Industries team, the production of Halo Infinite was delayed for several reasons. The end result, he is convinced, will be excellent. The authors paid serious attention to the storytelling (the ex-employee called the storyline a big step forward) and enriched the gameplay. Nonetheless, there is no need to wait for an “era-defining masterpiece,” Lin said.
  • One of the biggest challenges in Halo Infinite’s development has been the relentless ambition of senior management. It initially wanted to see a half-open world in the shooter, however, due to the many difficult-to-implement solutions, the project had to be prepared almost in parallel with the creation and improvement of the engine for it, which caused various inconveniences and complicated the whole situation. At the same time, it is noted that 343 Industries has made very significant progress to date.
  • The poor quality of the first gameplay demonstration of Halo Infinite was explained by Lin as problems with the engine. “Many features of the Slipspace Engine were not fully implemented at the time.”
  • Some of the content planned at the initial stage of development of the content will not be included in the release build of Halo Infinite – we are talking, among other things, about multiplayer elements. “It may turn out that some of the things that I worked on for years, now no one will ever see,” Lin said.
  • An ex-343 Industries employee also stated that in recent years, many of the studio’s employees had to crunch – work overtime, sometimes staying in the office until the early morning. This is especially true for lower-level employees.

Windows Central emphasizes that “don’t expect an era-defining masterpiece from Halo Infinite” is the personal opinion of one person. Perhaps other studio staff thinks differently.

Recall that the release of Halo Infinite is scheduled for the second half of this year. Microsoft will release the game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC.

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