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Former employee of The Pokémon company reports harassment at E3 2019



Former Pokémon employee reports harassment at E3 2019

We have some really important statements coming from Twitter. These have been shared by Chaka Cumberbatch, now ex-member of The Pokémon Company.

Through this social network, she wanted to share a bad experience she had at E3 2019. The information has been shared through a public complaint from another industry worker who shows how she has received unacceptable messages of harassment through social networks.

Following this, Chaka Cumberbatch has quoted the tweet and explained how in 2019 there were fans who encouraged each other to harass her because of the controversy generated by a game. She doesn’t mention which game it is, but it’s common knowledge that she’s referring to the most controversial title of E3 2019: Pokémon Sword and Shield.

She claims that she had to continue working and ignoring this harassment while she was actually terrified of being physically attacked because of something that was not under her control. This again highlights how some employees are harassed for decisions that are not really up to them but to the company. It seems that there are fans who do not understand this and choose to harass workers in this way.

With these messages, they want to denounce this kind of situation that should certainly disappear from the video game industry and make us think about what kind of complaints we can make.

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