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Gamer Girl officials remove the trailer and issue a statement after the wave of criticism



Gamer Girl officials remove the trailer and issue a statement after the wave of criticism

You will surely remember the announcement of Gamer Girl for Nintendo Switch shared this week. Well, it seems that it has finally had to be withdrawn after the wave of criticism it received.

This was shared by the person in charge of this game, Wales Interactive, in a recent statement. Apparently, the players did not like the premise that the game proposed to solve problems related to sexual harassment towards female streamers.

Here we remind you of its complete premise:

Take the role of moderator for the future ‘Abicake99’, who reconnects after the mysterious disappearance of her friend Becky. With multi-branch storytelling and real-time chat simulation, your role as moderator is to control streaming, level up mod powers, guide Abi’s choices, and discover the threat posed by an anonymous predator hiding in the conversations.

Here is the official statement:

Gamer Girl is about the impact that user feedback and actions have on a streamer’s mental health and well-being. The reason FMV Future created the game was to raise the issue of the toxic environment that can often appear online behind the anonymity of a username. Without revealing too much, Gamer Girl is a powerful story of a streamer who, with the help of her moderating friend, fights against trolls and beats toxic characters in her stream.

Gamer Girl was co-written by Alexandra Burton, the lead actress who improvised the entire script. Gamer Girl content research took 4 years and the FMV Future development team interviewed dozens of female streamers, most of whom have experienced abuse of various kinds online, some have even shared their experiences during interviews within of the game.

Players start the game as one of Abi’s friends whom she trusts, and it’s her job to make the channel a success, but also to guide the channel to keep Abi in a positive frame of mind. Online abuse is real and happens every day: Gamer Girl seeks to raise awareness about this problem.

The development of the game seems to continue its course ahead of its premiere, scheduled for September. However, both the original announcement and the official trailer have been removed. Then we leave it uploaded to another channel in case you missed it:

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