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Halo might be coming to Nintendo switch



Halo might be coming to Nintendo switch

Halo is a military science fiction media franchise centered on a series of video games managed and developed by 343 Industries, a Division of Xbox Game Studios. Halo was originally developed by Bungie Studios. The series centers on an interstellar war between humanity and an alliance of aliens known as the Covenant.

Is Halo coming to Nintendo Switch?

Halo might be on the way to the Nintendo switch. It has not been confirmed by the Officials but we bring you a rumor of the most interesting that has emerged thanks to some recent comments from King Zell, known for accurately leaking titles such as the Link’s Awakening remake, the sequel to Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Maker 2, among others stuff.

Specifically, the user, who had been missing for quite some time, has reappeared today to suggest that Halo would soon arrive at Nintendo Switch in some way, however, the announcement of this fact would not be made at The Game Awards but in a later date of mutual agreement between both companies as it could be an expected Nintendo Direct not yet announced.

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Here we’re going to share with you the messages he uploaded

Halo might be coming to Nintendo switch
Halo might be coming to Nintendo switch

We hope we’re going to enjoy halo on Switch soon.

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