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Hello Neighbor 2: How to Get Scissors



Hello Neighbor 2: How to Get Scissors

Hello Neighbor 2 is a stealth horror game with a lot of mysteries and secrets. Your character has to figure out what the Neighbors are hiding and you will have to solve various mysteries to get to the end of it. Different puzzles will require different tools as well and for some things, you will be required to use scissors.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Scissors in Hello Neighbor 2.

Getting Scissors

Scissors are one of the tools that you can find in your adventure in the Sketchy Neighbor area. Scissors will be used to cut open different things from where you can get other items that are required for future adventures in the game. Players can get Scissors early in the game or later in the game when they need it but Scissors can only be gotten from a specific location.

The Scissors can be found in a Tree House in front of the Blue House. The tree house is only accessible by a unique technique. You cannot just use the ladder to get to the Tree House. Go towards the Tree House and look back at the Green House on the left side. You will see a Trampoline. You need to jump on the Trampoline a couple of times and you will see the ladder on the roof of the house. Jump on the ladder and then go up the ladder and then jump on the ledge of the tree house to reach the Tree House.

Once you are inside the Tree House, you will see the Scissors inside a handmade house on the table. But you will not be able to get it, you will have to solve a little puzzle to push the Scissors to an end. Look to the right side of the house and you will see a poster. Interact with the Poster to move it and you will find an arm with a sword in hand. You need to place the arm on the box-made soldier near the door of the Tree House. Place the missing arm and then you need to match the arm with Shield and Arm with Sword with the poster. Interact with both of the arms to rotate them and when they are in the matching position same as the poster, the box will open from which you will get a handle.

You need to place the handle on the circuit of the train on the table. Place the handle and then turn on the train. Wait for the train to cross through the house and as it crosses, it will push the Scissors to the end. Allowing you to grab the scissors. Grab the Scissors and they will be stored in your inventory and you will be able to use them on the things that require scissors.

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