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Hideo Kojima on Xbox: angry Sony fanboys open petition to cancel game



Hideo Kojima on Xbox: angry Sony fanboys open petition to cancel game

The wonders of the internet today present us with the case of some (alleged) PlayStation fanboy furious with Hideo Kojima and his alleged Xbox collaboration, so much so that they started a petition to cancel the game whose existence is still not even certain.

The thing is so absurd that it definitely seems an ironic operation on the whole issue, perhaps even opened by fanboys belonging to the Xbox faction, but it is difficult to have certainties and reason logical positions when talking about console war, in any case, we report the issue also to make us laugh, maybe even going to take a look at the comments of the petition on, which take the thing very little seriously.

Let’s remember that more or less anyone and for any reason can start a petition on such a platform, so it is likely that this is simply a goliardic operation, also because the goal of collecting 500 signatures is unlikely to achieve any relevance in the video game field, but of course, there may also be those who could take the matter very seriously.

“Kojima is betraying his most loyal fans, he has been blinded by greed,” reads the petition description, which makes it really hard to take this seriously. “We need to help him get back towards the winning faction.” Then the issue shifts to a more technical realm, as Hideo Kojima’s new game with Microsoft (still non-existent from an official point of view, let’s reiterate) could be a cloud game.

“Not everyone has an internet connection powerful enough to stream games. Not everyone has enough money to buy a new console or assemble a new PC. Please, Kojima, don’t abandon us,” the intro concludes.

The whole thing is definitely comical, but in the meantime, the petition has practically reached the prestigious goal of 250+ signatures. Will it bring Kojima to his senses and abandon this Machiavellian plan to collaborate with Microsoft to bring his new game to the Xbox cloud? We will be following events with close attention.

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