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What will Kojima and Xbox’s game be like? All the clues



What will Kojima and Xbox's game be like? All the clues

The rumored Kojima and Xbox game has been one of the most discussed topics this week. The rapprochement between the developer and Microsoft seems more and more real. Although nothing has been confirmed in this regard at the moment, several journalists have long commented that the deal will become a reality and this week we learned that it is unlikely to be broken. The truth is that collaboration between Kojima and Xbox is not far-fetched, especially if we take into account the state of form that Microsoft enjoys right now. Thanks to services like XCloud or Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft is reaching a level of users never before imagined. And that can be very tempting for Kojima Productions.

At the moment, very interesting rumors have leaked about the Kojima and Xbox game. As we mentioned, the project would be an episodic horror game, which Sony would have rejected because it did not have a format that would interest it. If the rumors are confirmed, it could be the same game that Stadia rejected. Recently, more details of the Kojima and Xbox game have been given, such as that it would focus on the cloud for its development and that, most likely, Kojima Productions will have creative freedom to create it. We already know that Microsoft is not given to force its studios to develop specific games, but prefers to bet on what they freely decide and want to create.

Taking all of the above as a reference, it is possible that Kojima and Xbox’s game is a narrative horror game, more focused on the story than on the gameplay. If it has an episodic format, it would even be possible that the chapters were not released simultaneously, but little by little to “hook” the user. But, if we go further, we would bet that the title could be an interactive movie, in the style of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

Bandersnatch. A challenge as a drama, nostalgic as a game, but good taste in music, history, themes, ideas, fourth wall, Netflix, everything is well spun. I got scared every time my controller vibrated. Intelligent to have been set in 1984 (for technology, music, hardware)

Hideo Kojima already showed his admiration for the project in 2018, commenting that he wouldn’t mind creating something like it. And he predicted that cinema and video games would eventually merge. So it wouldn’t be surprising if he could finally create such a project, given the potential that xCloud has to offer. And then there’s Xbox Game Pass, which would give him visibility he’s never had before.

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