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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Identify Gear Items



Hogwarts Legacy: How to Identify Gear Items

Players will find all kinds of Gar Items as they loot the chests and defeat the enemies. The higher-level gear items are only achievable if you progress through the game. However, players will also find some gear items with a hidden identity. These items will not show their level and stats. The only way to see their level and stats is to identify them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to identify Gear Items in Hogwarts Legacy.

Identifying Gear Items

Players will have to unlock the Room of Requirement in order to identify the unidentified gear items. Players can unlock the Room of Requirement by completing the main quest named “The Room of Requirement”. Once they have unlocked the room, they will get to learn a new spell named “Conjuration” from which they will be able to conjure all different kinds of tools, stations, and furniture in the room of requirement.

In order to identify the unidentified gear items, players will have to conjure a station named “Desk of Description” under the Utility tab of the menu of the Conjuration spell. It will cost 4x Moonstones in order to conjure the Desk of Description. After that, place it somewhere in the Room of Requirement and then all you have to do is just to interact with it to identify all the unidentified gear items in your inventory.

Identifying Gear Items

All the Gear Items will be identified and you will be able to see their names, levels, stats, and traits. So, if you find any other unidentified gear item, you can identify them by going to your room of requirement. Make sure to identify the gear items from time to time because most of the unidentified items have great stats bonuses as well as useful traits. Equipping these items will increase your character stats which makes things a bit easier.

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