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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Pop Balloons



Hogwarts Legacy: How to Pop Balloons

There are a lot of different challenges in Hogwarts Legacy and one of them is an exploration Challenge in which you will see a challenge of popping balloons. Now, before you get to look for the balloons, they are not inside Hogwarts School, they are outside in the world or around Hogwarts up in the sky. You will have to get a specific item to pop them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to pop Balloons in Hogwarts Legacy.

Popping Balloons

Balloons can be found high over Hogwarts as well as the other areas around the World Map. These Balloons are blue and big with stars on them. They can be seen easily by looking up in the sky if you are under one. However, these balloons cannot be popped by using any spell because your spells can reach that much height. You will have to get close to them in order to pop them.

The main way to get close to them is to use the Broom. If you have unlocked the Broom in Hogwarts Legacy, you will be able to pop them by using the Broom. Broom is unlocked after the Flying Class and you will have to buy the Broom from the shop named “Spintwitches Sporting Needs” in Hogsmeade Village.

After getting the Broom, all you have to do is fly through them to pop them. You cannot use your wand or any spells while flying on the Broom. You will have to just go through the Balloons to pop them and complete the challenges to unlock useful rewards and gain XP to Level up.

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