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Horizon Forbidden West to Announce Release Date “Very Soon”



Horizon Forbidden West could be delayed to 2022: Sony hasn't decided release date yet

Guerrilla reassures fans: There has been no release date at State of Play for Horizon Forbidden West, but it will be announced “soon.”

Sony today presented a State of Play of what is one of the most important releases of this year 2021: Horizon Forbidden West. In the 14-minute gameplay captured on PS5, we have seen a spectacular environment full of greenery. New mechanical beasts, in the shape of a velociraptor, new tribes, and new movements of Aloy in combat and stealth have been revealed.

Sadly, they haven’t offered a release date … because it’s still undecided. Guerrilla Games explained in a tweet, after the presentation, that ” we still do not have a release date, but development is ongoing and we will have news very soon .”

Unlike other games like Ratchet & Clank A Dimension Apart, Horizon Forbidden West will be intergenerational, and if you don’t have PS5 yet, you can play it on PS4. Of course, the quality on PS5 will be maximum, not only due to the higher resolution and frame rate, and the expected improvement in visual fidelity, also due to the use of the Dualsense.

Recently, Guerrilla Games explained how the haptic sensors of the Dualsense controller will allow us to “feel” the grass, in which we will hide in stealth zones.

Horizon Forbidden West will show more spectacular scenarios than in the first, and the best thing is that we will have much more flexibility (literally) to explore them: you can climb at any time, use a hook to propel yourself through the walls, and even glide with a Zelda-style parachute. Breath of the Wild.

Horizon Forbidden West is still scheduled for 2021 on PS4 and PS5, and although there was no luck today, we will have its release date soon.

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