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They reveal the possible locations of Horizon Forbidden West: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Florida submerged …



Horizon Forbidden West could be delayed to 2022: Sony hasn't decided release date yet

Horizon Forbidden West revealed extensive gameplay that has been analyzed frame by frame by fans. The locations where the game could take place are already being shuffled.

The world of Horizon Zero Dawn revealed a dystopian reality set in a future with great overtones to the past. The first title of this saga took us to what today would be the territories of Denver, Colorado, and Wyoming in the United States. Now with another Horizon on the … horizon, Aloy’s world will be greatly expanded.

Where will the footsteps of the beloved protagonist in Horizon Forbidden West lead us? As the game itself says, it is to be expected that regions of the west of the country will be explored. Which? At the moment, there is only one confirmed, San Francisco and Oakland Bay. The first trailer and the most recent gameplay indicated it, but this presentation has revealed what other destinations could be for Aloy.

A fan ( eEK09 ) posted on Reddit a still from the gameplay showing a holographic map with four marked locations. These are located in the United States and could indicate some of the points where the story will take place. The city of San Francisco, or what remains of it, is among this list, but there is more.

Another point would be the city of Los Angeles, the focus of California and one of the most famous cities in the country. However, this has not been what has captured the curiosity of the fans. The other two points appear on the east coast, one is Corpus Cristi, a city in Texas located on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico and the other is Key West, in Florida. We leave you the image:

They reveal the possible locations of Horizon Forbidden West: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Florida submerged ...

But … Florida is not there, there is only one sea at that point. Indeed, the fact that the state of Florida and a large part of the southern United States is underwater could reveal how fundamental the diving mechanics we saw yesterday will be if it is finally confirmed that these four locations will be able to be visited.

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