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In Horizon Forbidden West, water technology took years to develop



In Horizon Forbidden West, water technology took years to develop

Guerrilla hopes that this technology in Horizon will create a swell for players.

The director of Horizon Forbidden West has revealed how much new wave and water technology has had to be in development for the sequel. ” Our engineers have spent an incredible amount of time rendering water and wave techniques. They’ve probably even spent years with just that, ” he said.

Benjamin McCaw, current director of Horizon Forbidden West, said this and a few other things of particular interest during an interview with GQ. ” There are a lot of details that have been put into each of the gigantic ruins of San Francisco. I don’t think many have noticed, but each strand has been represented individually, ” he continued.

This around the grass has been referenced again thanks to the fact that with DualSense it can even be felt, now Aloy leaves her home and travels to the west, to California. That’s why Benjamin McCaw talks about how wave technology and rendering water have taken so long, they have essentially encapsulated a large part of the game’s open-world map on the west coast of the United States.

In fact, Aloy can now swim and dive, a very momentous change in her abilities from Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017. This time, we will spend long periods of time underwater to escape our pursuers, machines, or humans, something that could already be seen in detail in the gameplay during the last State of Play.

Regarding the launch of the game, we still do not know an exact release date, although today we have also told you that, according to Guerrilla, it is in “the final stages of its development .”

The game, for now, continues with a planned launch during 2021, but Sony has not yet decided the date, so it could go to 2022.

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