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Sony to hold event in summer with God of War trailer, according to insider



Sony to hold event in summer with God of War trailer, according to insider

Sony will not participate in E3 or have an event at the Summer Game Fest, but according to an insider it would be preparing its own event in June … with a God of War trailer.

Although we have been a few days busier than usual, next week the Summer Game Fest events will officially begin, with a long presentation on Thursday, June 10, followed by many independent events from publishers such as Microsoft and Bethesda, Square Enix, Warner, or Nintendo, included in E3 2021. However, one of the largest companies is suspiciously silent: Sony .

We know that Sony will not participate in E3 (as it has been doing in recent editions). It will be present at the Summer Game Fest in some way (it is listed as a participating company), but it will not have its own event (and if it does, it is rushing until the last minute to announce it, but at this point, it seems difficult). But that does not mean that it will be silent all summer.

Although you should take it with caution, the user Ashhong in Resetera assures that “he is 100% sure” that they will do some type of event or presentation this summer. ” I know for sure they were working on a God of War trailer. Probably in June .”

The reason we share his words is that, according to one of the forum administrators, this user has direct information from Sony, and has offered him the evidence. In addition, he already assured days before Sony’s announcement that God of War Ragnarok would be delayed to 2022, and would be intergenerational (it will be released on both PS4 and PS5).

Therefore, if Sony is preparing its own event, it is likely to be completely independent of all these events that will take place next week. One of the reasons why Sony could have delayed its summer event (if it finally does take place at the end of June or July) is because of the complications derived from the pandemic in the development of games like God of War and Horizon Forbidden West, which it has forced them to delay the first and leave the second in the air.

Horizon 2 is expected by the end of 2021, but Sony cannot yet assure that they can reach that release date, which is why they have not offered a release date.

As we said, PlayStation is confirmed as a participant in the Summer Game Fest, so perhaps a small-scale announcement will drop during the event on Thursday, June 10 (perhaps the final trailer for Kena Bridge of Spirits?). However, if this user is right, they do intend to make their own event with a God of War trailer, and it could even happen during this month of June. What’s the next PS5 and PS4 game you’re looking forward to the most?

Recall that last year Sony held two large-scale PS5 events (one in June, one in September), as well as holding a State of Play focused on indies and PS4 games in the middle of the summer. The PlayStation launch schedule beyond Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart is a mystery, so in summer we should know what Sony’s bullets are for this Christmas apart from Horizon … and if it has something else in the chamber if finally, Aloy is leaving in 2022.

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