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Horizon Forbidden West would be delayed to 2022



Horizon Forbidden West would be delayed to 2022

Horizon Forbidden West will be pushed back to 2022, according to insider Jeff Grubb’s sources. A few months ago, Sony itself said that they were not sure of its release date, as its development was affected by the pandemic.

The Horizon Forbidden West release date is one of the big unknowns of the year, keeping PlayStation users on edge. Although it was always planned as a 2021 game, at the game’s last State of Play, in May, it had no release date. The reason is that he had not yet been able to specify the date due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sony’s Hermen Hulst himself explained how the complications of working on the pandemic had greatly affected the development of their games, and for that reason, they did not promise to give a date that could fall short, as happened with God of War, officially delayed to 2022 .

According to well-known journalist and insider Jeff Grubb, unfortunately, Guerrilla Games would not have been able to reach the goal of the end of 2021, and Horizon Forbidden West would have been delayed to 2022. That has commented on a program of the podcast Giant Bomb.

Grubb himself responded to one of the Reddit posts echoing the rumor, clarifying that the delay ” is something you’ve been hearing about,” but it’s not certain. What Grubb contends is that based on what he has heard from his sources, they believe the game will be delayed to 2022, but he can’t say so (or at least, Grubb’s sources couldn’t confirm 100%).

Grubb also said he expects there to be the State of Play in September, without specifying whether it is exclusive to the Guerrilla game or general. But given the way the summer is playing, full of delays, it could be the rumored event for August, which finally takes place in September, and in which Sony finally reveals its plans for the next few months.

At that rumored PlayStation summer event (be it August or finally September) it is very likely that we will see a new God of War trailer, something that several insiders have also claimed.

“We’re on our way to launch this holiday season. But it’s still not entirely certain, and we’re working as hard as possible to get it confirmed as soon as we can,” said Hermen Hulst last June, the head of PlayStation Studios (and coincidentally, formerly a Guerrilla employee).

The new waves of coronavirus could make that goal difficult, so if Horizon 2 finally ends up being delayed to 2022, it would be a disappointment, but something perfectly natural and understandable.

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