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How to complete orders in Youtubers Life 2



How to complete orders in Youtubers Life 2

Starting a project from scratch requires a lot of effort. In Youtubers Life 2 this idea comes to be collected, while we start our own channel and grow in social networks. However, on many occasions, we will need money to achieve our objectives and that is where orders come into play.

In the following guide, we tell you what these tasks consist of and how to complete them so that we can get great prizes.

How to complete orders in Youtubers Life 2

Shortly after the story begins, the commissions will be available. We can access them from the missions menu. You only have to select those that are in progress, but it is important to look at the time remaining to complete the mission. If we do not complete it before the deadline, we will have failed in our task and we will lose that reward.

The orders generally consist of helping the people of the city by bringing them a package that they were waiting for. To do this, we will have to go to the point that the description of the order marks us, generally a store, and pick up the package in the form of a box that appears inside. We can look at the map to make sure of the area in which the task is located and the character we must help. Therefore, it is advisable to make friends with the people of the city to have them located.

Once the package is collected, it will be necessary to take it to the corresponding place and select the package before talking to the character. Once we have delivered it, we will get the reward and we can earn money to advance in the story, improve our editor, and many more functions.

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