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List of all types of horses and their location in Far Cry 6



List of all types of horses and their location in Far Cry 6

As explained in the essential tips and tricks guide to get started in Far Cry 6, using the vehicles and fast trips to get around the entire Yara region will be the most brilliant and necessary idea you can take. In this installment, you will not only have these two ways of moving, but the horses will also be available.

Horses are another very useful and atypical means of transport, but above all, fast. If you want to start using them you have to unlock them first and know the locations of each type of horse to get the entire collection. If you are interested in knowing more, in this guide we talk about all types of horses and their location in the new Ubisoft game.

How to find and acquire a horse

In Far Cry 6 there will be a total of 6 types of horses and each of them will be in a different region, but if you search well it will not be difficult to find them. Some horses you can see alone and others go in a herd, but if you are going to approach a wild horse, first think about how to do it. When you locate it, tag it with Dani’s mobile phone camera to make it easier for you to keep an eye on it.

Later, approach slowly and crouching to be more difficult to detect, since it is possible that, if you do everything too abruptly, you will be kicked, suffer unnecessary damage and on top of it run away. After approaching the horse from behind, climb slowly so that he does not have time to react, and once you are on top, take him to the closest horse station possible to ensure that you can access him later.

Types of horses and their location

You may want to get hold of all six different breeds of horses. To do this, you just have to search through some regions of Yara until you find them and use the technique that we explained above to get on top. Before commenting on their location, we want to give you the advice that, if you correctly inspect each area mentioned, you should find them without any problem.

The palmThis horse is available from the beginning of the game.Yara’s true workhorse, no matter what the automakers say. Reliable, robust, and faithful.
Spanish marcherIn the Venjice region, you can find it in Pastizales Prado.This breed originated in revolutionary Spain, where there was a great demand for cavalry mounts. They do not know the regime they serve: they only know that they serve it with pride.
Early morningYou can look for it in an area of ​​Armonía in the Quito region.Native to eastern Yara, this wild breed is prized for its shiny coat and energetic and intelligent nature.
Yarano SunflowerIt is located on the Carbonell farm in the Conuco region.A variant of the popular sunflower breed, these trustworthy steeds are proficient in farming and horse shows.
Zebra of the MogotesComplete Operation “Break the Chains” in Valle de Oro and you will see them near the Diamond Lakes.It is not known exactly how the zebras got to Yara.
The UnicornComplete the “Quinceañera” treasure hunt in El Este in the Sierra Perdida region.There is only one and it only responds to you.

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