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Far Cry 6: How to open the closed door of Fort Quito? – SOLUTION



Far Cry 6: How to open the closed door of Fort Quito? - SOLUTION

A question that can assail more than one Far Cry 6 player shortly after starting to play the title is how the hell to open a closed door that we find in the lower part of Fort Quito , on Sanctuary Island. Actually, the solution to this problem is very simple and surely you have not noticed if you are a little clueless. Don’t worry, below we will tell you how to solve this matter easily and in a jiffy.

How to open the closed door of Fort Quito?

The Fort Quito is a military location that you can visit in Far Cry 6 in the region of Sanctuary Island . Precisely this place is located in the Quito area of this island, and it is a location that we must pass through shortly after starting the game, during the main mission entitled Impoverished Booty .

How to get to the closed door?

Exploring this place it is quite likely that you have found the basement of the fort, the lowest part of it, where there is a door closed tight and behind it, a special chest is glimpsed. In case you are not clear about what we are talking about, we refer to a cave that is under the fort that can be reached, for example, by swimming from the nearby shipyard.

It is also possible to enter the basement by going down a ladder from a room upstairs inside the fort, but entering from the outer dock is the fastest way to get here.

How to open the closed door?

On your tour of the fort, you may have obtained a key to the armory, but it is not used to open the aforementioned cellar door. There is also no lock that we can break, so … here we have a dilemma. How can you open the door then? Very easy, this door does not open. There is no key that can open it. What you have to do is take an alternative route to get around it.

  • To get to the fenced room behind the closed door of Fort Quito you must go to the right side of the basement.
  • On this side, behind some stacked pallets, you will find a wooden board leaning against the fence of the storage room.
  • Break this wooden board with a melee blow or by shooting it and you will open a hole into the room.

And voila, you don’t have to do anything else. Easy right? Surely many players have found the solution themselves, but if you didn’t realize it, now you know what you have to do to “open” the closed door of Fort Quito.

What is in the chest of Fort Quito?

The special chest seen inside the Fort Quito basement storage room, behind the closed door, is a contraband chest that contains the unique weapon El Autocrat, a gun that causes great damage and is highly recommended for first-timers. compasses of adventure in Far Cry 6. So it’s great to get it on your visit to Fort Quito at the beginning of the game.

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