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How to defeat Alecto in Hades fast and easy



How to defeat Alecto in Hades fast and easy

These are all the movements that Alecto can use during the confrontation, so you will know how to avoid them.

One of the most complicated bosses that we are going to face in Hades is Alecto, one of the three erinies and one of the final bosses of Tartarus.

He is a boss who will throw at us different deadly attacks in rapid succession and it is totally key to know them to know how to dodge them and not die trying.

In order for you to defeat him easily, we are going to specify all the attacks that Alecto launches in the confrontation, and the way to dodge them so that you can avoid suffering any type of damage.

How to defeat Alecto in Hades fast and easy

These are all the attacks Alecto can launch in the game and how to dodge them:

Energy Blast is when it fires a series of reddish-pink energy orbs that originate in their own position, but that will return outward in circles so to avoid this attack you must stay as far away from the boss as possible.

Slashing Blow uses its wing to make a horizontal attack in a close combat range, and you can dodge them because the enemy will telegraph this attack so you know when to move away.

With the swift hit, it is very difficult to see it coming, but it is done in a linear trajectory in a short distance, you could also intuit it, so do not stay in front of the boss to avoid this attack.

Columns of fire are a kind of black and red circles that appear on the ground and that indicates where these columns of fire will appear, they are very easy to see coming, but not so much to avoid because it puts several of these black and red circles on the ground at the same time.

Spiritual Invocation, where from time to time it will ask for reinforcements in the form of a spectral ally that luckily has very little health, making a series of basic melee attacks with which it will not be very difficult to defeat them.

In the second phase of the fight, he will use another new attack during which he will launch a large but slow projectile that is a kind of energy orb surrounded by rotating blades. It is very intimidating but it is quite slow, so you could avoid it whenever you are moving.

So with this, you already know what are all the movements that Alecto can use against you in the game.

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