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Solve the puzzle of Watatsumi’s faces in Genshin Impact



Solve the puzzle of Watatsumi's faces in Genshin Impact

We show you how to solve the 8-face puzzle on Watatsumi Island in the Inazuma region in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games on the online scene for PS5, PS4, PC, and mobile devices. It is even more so after all the news that update 2.1 incorporates.

We already told you at the time about the two new islands that arrive in the Inazuma region in the miHoYo JRPG. It is about Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island, and specifically the latter hides a nice and intricate puzzle.

Known as the 8-sided puzzle, we are basically looking at a treasure chest search, which gives us rewards such as four common chests, an exquisite chest, and a precious chest, in addition to two secret achievements.

If you want to find all the facial symbols and get these rewards, here you will find how to solve the puzzle of Watatsumi’s faces in Genshin Impact.

Solve the puzzle of Watatsumi’s faces in Genshin Impact

Throughout our adventure on Watatsumi Island, we can interact with an object to start a side quest. This invites us to find 8 faces scattered around the island, which will reveal the location of a secret chest.

To start the mission, we must go to Bourou Village, specifically the waypoint. Once there, we have to walk southwest along the shore until we see a secret cave. Come inside.

In this cave, we will find several objects, but you will have to interact with some notes to activate the treasure search mission.

Next, we reveal the location of each of the 8 faces, as well as the final step to complete the mission.

Face 1

The first face of the puzzle can be found northwest of the aforementioned cave on Watatsumi Island. Specifically, it is next to a waterfall.

To the left of the face (seen with the naked eye), we can excavate to unearth a common chest, and indeed Paimon will comment on such a find.

Face 2

To find the second face, we must go east of the Statue of the Seven on Watatsumi Island. Once there, jump to the east of said cliff and you will see the symbol.

Also, under face 2 you can unearth another common chest, with different rewards for players.

Face 3

The third face can be found north of the second, that is, north of the Statue of the Seven on Watatsumi Island.

Specifically, it will be next to another waterfall. Digging into the big root next door will unearth another common chest.

Face 4

We change location to find face 4. We must go west of the Watatsumi Island waypoint, although taking the north of the map as a reference.

Once there, slide under a ledge and you’ll find Side 4. Dig underneath to find another buried Common Chest.

Face 5

Face 5 is just south of the Face 4 location. Just head in that direction from the previous find and you will see it with the naked eye.

However, you will find that the common chest corresponding to this fifth face of the puzzle has already been unearthed.

Face 6

To find the sixth face, head north of the waypoint in Bourou Village. Once there, you will see a wooden cart.

Next to this car, you will find face 6, and to your surprise, there is no buried chest corresponding to face 6.

Face 7

If you want to find face 7 of the puzzle, you will have to go northeast of Bourou Village. This symbol is found in another waterfall, with the naked eye.

As happened on face 5, the buried chest at this location has already been previously unearthed … by someone we don’t expect.

Face 8

The eighth and last face can be found east of the Sangonomiya Shrine route point, specifically, next to a compass mark.

As in the case of face 6, there is no buried chest corresponding to this step, but you will already have the 8 faces of the puzzle.


Once you get face 8, you will be awarded the ” Long John Silver ” trophy. Of course, you will have to fight against some Treasure Hoarders to be able to advance towards the next step.

Head to the southwest of the Suigetsu Pool region to find the pirates who left the notes described above. Defeat them and you will get a note with the location of the final chest .

Then go back to the cave at the beginning, where you found the treasure notes. Now, we will be given the option to excavate.

By doing so, we have been rewarded with a precious chest, as well as the ” A Distant Sea Shepherd’s Treasure ” trophy. Congratulations, you have finished the mission.

Genshin Impact is available on PS5, PS4, PC, and mobile devices. Its creators, miHoYo, are developing a version for Nintendo Switch, which does not yet have a release date.

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