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Genshin Impact: Mondstadt: With the Winds – Across the Wilderness (Day 1 Challenge/Quest)



Genshin Impact: Mondstadt: With the Winds – Across the Wilderness (Day 1 Challenge/Quest)

Genshin Impact’s new event will have a total of 5 quests/challenges in which you have to collect Wilderness balloons under a time limit to get tons of free rewards. The very first challenge is available right now in the game and it was activated on the day of the release of the event.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Day 1 Challenge/Quest of Across the Wilderness in Genshin Impact.

Completing Mondstadt: With the Winds

The first challenge is available in Mondstadt City and you will find the Match Preparation signboard right next to NPC named “Vinkel”. You need to interact with the Signboard to start the quest. As you start the quest, you will be given a new gadget by the name of “Wilderness Gadget”. You need to equip this gadget before you get to start catching the balloons.

You will have to open the gadgets menu and select the Wilderness Compass and there you will have to choose one skill of the gadget. There are four skills in total but you will get to choose one. The skills are the following.

  • Leapbless: Increases Character’s Jump Height.
  • Windbless: Creates a Wind Current in Vicinity.
  • Treasurebless: Increases Search Radius of Wilderness Balloons
  • Scoutbless: Increases character’s Movement Speed or Wilderness Balloons Search Radius

After you have chosen the skill of the gadget, you will get to start the quest and you will have to catch all 40 Wilderness Balloons in under 120 Seconds. You will be able to use the Skill of your gadget that will help you catch the balloons. These Balloons have Purple in Color and you will all of them around the house in Mondstadt City.

You will have to collect the Orange Balloon as well because it will reveal other hidden Wilderness Balloons. Go around the roof of the house to collect all of the balloons and don’t forget to use the flying skill or gadget’s skill to collect the balloons easily. Once you have caught all 40 Wilderness Balloons under 120 Seconds or if the 120 Seconds are over, the challenge will end.


You will get the following rewards according to the progress in the challenge.

  • Collect 20 Wilderness Balloons under 120 seconds: 40 Primogems and 4 Hero’s Wit.
  • Collect 25 Wilderness Balloons under 120 seconds: 40 Primogems and 4 Talent Level-Up Materials.
  • Collect 40 Wilderness Balloons under 120 seconds: 40,000 Mora and 8 Mystic Enchantment Ore.

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