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How to Download Gacha Life on Windows PC?



How to Download Gacha Life on Windows PC?

Are you a die-hard fan of Anime games? Would you love to play a game that’s adventurous and allows you to create your Anime characters? If yes, the Gacha Life game is the right one to play. The game is available for free on Play Store and App Store. But should you wish to play the game on your Windows PC, you need to follow our detailed guide! Before you make your way to the detailed guide, let us first understand Gacha Life’s all about and how you can play it!


Making new friends and getting your anime characters ready is what you need to do while playing Gacha Life. More often than not, it’s up to you to decide which anime character you feel is good to go on an adventurous tour of making friends. The anime characters look cute but can be deadly when given the right set of weapons and training.

There are two modes in the game, namely, studio mode and life mode. In the studio mode, you are free to create your studio scenes, and the most exciting thing is, you can combine various locations to prepare a sketch for yourself. Whereas, in the life mode, there’s a lot more to discover yourself. From school to town, take your characters on a mission to explore and discover new NPCs and understand more about their life. Moreover, this mode doesn’t require an active internet connection and can be played online.

Features of Gacha Life

It’s more about the gameplay rather than the features in Gacha Life. But still, here are a few of them.

The Anime Fashion!

The game is a perfectly balanced one when it comes to dressing up your anime characters. You can easily mix up and get a plethora of clothes, hats, weapons, and a lot more to create a unique character in the Gacha Life. Moreover, you get a chance to set more than 20 characters, so now, the possibilities of endless for you to create an appealing character!

Customize Your Characters!

Creating an anime character doesn’t end your task, but you can also customize your anime. You can produce the best anime characters by changing hairstyle, eyes, face, mouth, lips, and more.


Just like you call the world a universe, the gamers call the Gacha Life Gachaverse, which indicates that the world is full of anime characters. You can get the new pose, items, faces, characters, and more with the latest editing options available in the game.


Once you’re done creating your favorite Anime characters, it’s now time to play some games. With games like Phantom’s Remix, Duck & Dodge, and more, you’re sure to enjoy every moment in the game. Besides this, you can also collect various gifts and add them to your collection.

With these many features and compelling gameplay, you’re sure to stick to your smartphones until you get bored. That said, playing Gacha Life on PC can be even more enjoyable. I was wondering how you can get Gacha life download PC on your Windows system? Here’s a detailed guide for the same!

How to Install Gacha Play on PC

First, you need to download an Android emulator that allows you to play Android games on PC without any hassles. So, let’s get started!

  • Download the latest version of Bluestacks from its official website.
  • Install the Bluestacks emulator on your Windows Pc and launch it from the desktop icon of Bluestacks.
  • Once done, it will now ask you to signup using your Google Account. If you have one already (make sure it’s used for Gaming only), you can sign in with the required details.
  • Launch the Google Play Store icon from the Bluestacks home screen and search for the Gacha Life in it by using the search bar of Play Store.
  • Next, click on the Install button and wait for few minutes until the game gets installed on your Windows PC with the help of Bluestacks.
  • Now launch the Gacha Life game from the home screen of Bluestacks and start exploring various scenes and places in the Gachaverse!

If you also wish to play Gacha Life on PC, the method mentioned above is the safest. Stay away from other unofficial links that claim to get you the game. Using an Android emulator is the safest option to play any Android game on your Windows PC.


Code to open the shipping box in Deathloop



Code to open the shipping box in Deathloop

We tell you exactly where you can find this code that will allow you to unlock the shipping box in Deathloop as soon as possible.

The shipping boxes are tremendously important in Deathloop since they will allow us to order a selection of items that we can use in the game, but unfortunately, it is a site that is blocked from the beginning.

We can find a shipping box in each of the four districts of the game, but to be able to use them you need to first enter a code that is different for each of the users.

Luckily, we know the exact location of where you can find the code for the shipping boxes so that as soon as you have access, you can enter this code and thus get the advantage.

Code to open the shipping box in Deathloop

Basically, you have to wait for the game time until you get to Fristad Rock, specifically, it has to be at noon, and once there, you have to go through the tunnel, then turn right until you hit a cliff. Jump this cliff, continue through the area until you reach a path that leads directly to the water.

Well, at the end of this path, you should find a large bunker, and the code you need is inside it.

You have the code written on a kind of whiteboard or wall that can be seen from the first room of the bunker. This board is past the windows on the right side of the area, and in order to see the code, just take out any rifle with a scope and point it.

Once you have it, go to the relevant shipping box and enter the code to be able, from now on, to order batteries, cranks, cancellers, and much more.

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Deathloop – How to solve the pictogram puzzle



Deathloop - How to solve the pictogram puzzle

The puzzle of the Deathloop pictograms and cassettes is random, but there are specific locations that you must find to see the story of Charlie and Fia.

Deathloop is a game with a seemingly simple goal: kill eight targets on an island during the course of a single night. However, every time we die we reappear at the beginning of the night, so we have to learn well to use our tricks and move around Blackreef.

Fortunately, that also leaves us a little more breathing space to investigate the many secrets on the island. There are many puzzles that we must solve by finding other objects or information on the map, as with the pictograms in the Fia bunker.

How to solve the pictogram puzzle in Deathloop

The first thing you should find is a machine with four screens, in which you must enter a combination of symbols. The machine is at a location on Fristad Shore, where Charlie and Fia were secretly meeting. Arrive at the beach and continue to the left bordering the sea, soon you will find a door with a 09 written on it.

There you will find Charlie’s machine, with the four screens and many cassettes that you must insert in the correct order. There you will be given the combination of Yerhva’s safe, the puzzle machine in Karl’s Bay, where you will find a note from Mia with the clues that will allow you to find, in order, the correct pictograms ( there are 13 hidden, but only 4 correct ).

The location of the correct pictograms is always the same, but the order in which the clues appear in the note and the pictograms themselves, the symbols that you will find in the locations, and that you must put in order on the machine, are random in each departure.

That is why there are no correct symbols and others not, and not a single order: you will have to find them yourself in the correct locations. The track menu will register the correct symbols.

  • Under the big truck at the entrance to the bunker
  • In the lockers room on the second floor of the reactor room
  • In the elevator shaft
  • By the exit of the reactor room

When you find the symbols, you will have to press in the order in which you put the cassettes in the machine in your game (track menu), looking at the symbol on the spine, to discover what is on the other side. ..

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Deathloop: All Yerhva’s Answers



Deathloop: All Yerhva's Answers

These are the answers to the Yerhva machine in Deathloop: so you can solve one of the most complicated puzzles in the Bethesda game on PS5 and PC.

The island of Blackreef is full of secrets that we can explore in Deathloop, and we can dedicate some of the time loops to explore without fear, since when we die … we reappear from the beginning.

Arkane’s new game for PS5 and PC is a gem that perfects the first-person action and stealth we know from games like Dishonored by adding time-loops mechanics. And one of the secrets we can find while exploring Blackreef is the Yerhva machine in Karl’s Bay.

All Yerhva’s responses in Deathloop

You will find the Yerhva machine in a hut in Karl’s Bay, on the wall of which it says “Queen of Riddles”, or Queen of Riddles. This computer/automaton asks you 10 questions about the history of Blackreef with eight options, but if you fail one you will not be able to start again, you will have to try another time loop (the questions come out in random order each time).

You will find the answers all over Blackreef, in books on the history of Blackreef, explaining the lore of the game. But if you can’t find any, here are all Yerhva’s answers, to complete the puzzle and get the reward … not too attractive, really.

Remember, the questions will come out in a different order each time you play. Look at the questions, answers and their number and you can deduce them.

  • Where does the name of the island come from? Coral formations (8)
  • What was his doomed journey called? Operation Horizon (3)
  • What was the most recent incarnation of Karl’s Bay before the arrival of AEON? A military base (3)
  • What does the Program pursue? Advances in human potential and enlightenment (3)
  • Who woke Blackreef from his sleep? Colt Vahn and Egor Serling, on a voyage of discovery (2)
  • Who gave us these abilities and biological potential? Dr Wenjie Evans personally commissioned (7)
  • What work transcends all artistic purposes? Charlie Montague’s nose, chin and eyes (7)
  • Harriet Morse is the guardian, Blackreef the door. What do we discover when it leaves? The Great Beyond (4)
  • Where did Aeron flourish from? The shared ambition of Harriet Morse, Egor Serling and Dr. Wenji Evans (6)
  • The Bay, The Rock and the labyrinthine Updaam. Where do their peculiar names come from? They come from a fishing colony (5)
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