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Inscryption: Top 10 Cards in Act 1



Inscryption: Top 10 Cards in Act 1

These are all the recommended cards that you must use during Act 1 to succeed in the games.

One of the most original and dark proposals regarding mystery card games is Inscryption , a title that mixes deck creation, puzzles, and terror and where we are going to have hundreds of cards to choose from in each of the acts, some more recommended than others.

And it is that during the first act of the game we are going to face an opponent wrapped in shadows and with several opportunities, we are going to have to collect new cards and improve existing ones.

Obviously, you must know how to choose the right cards that make up your deck to be able to deal with all the dangers of Inscryption and we are going to tell you exactly which are the most valuable cards that you should use in the first act.

Inscryption: Top 10 Cards in Act 1


Although it is not one of the most powerful cards, it is absolutely mandatory if you want to complete the first act. Its effect causes the card directly opposite to it to lose one power, something that will come in handy to completely neutralize other cards that we have nearby, particularly effective against flying cards.

Equally very effective against the final boss of the first act since it will allow us to completely neutralize his final and most powerful card.

It costs two bones and has 1 power and 2 health.


It is a card that costs bones and has 1 attack and 2 health and is compensated by its leader ability that gives the creatures to the left and right an additional power, so it can be effective if you know how to combine it. with the right cards.


It has the power of many lives and 1 health, and it allows you to sacrifice the cat several times, making it a good investment to maintain a presence on the board and also make the necessary sacrifices for the more powerful creatures. Once sacrificed nine times you will receive the most powerful card of the “undead cat”.

The undead cat has 3 power and 6 health and costs 1 blood to play.

rat king

It has a high cost of bones and has 2 power and 1 health, along with the king of bones ability that grants four bones when the card dies, an excellent way to build progress in the game and thus play more cards. powerful.

Wolf and his friends

It’s a very useful card that costs 2 blood to play, has 3 power and 2 health, and packs a punch throughout the game. If you use the correct Token you could get up to three direct damage to the opponent each turn.


She’s pretty effective and costs 4 blood to play, with her power and 7 health making her a truly formidable threat. It can be strengthened through sacrifices to make it a much more complete card.

strange larva

It has a cost of 1 blood, 0 power, and 3 health, and we can improve it by transforming it after a turn. In her chrysalis form, she has 0 power and 3 health.

After another turn, he can end up transforming into a Mothman wielding 7 Power, 3 Health and a new ability that allows him to deal staggering damage directly to the opponent every turn.

rat pack

With 2 power and 2 health and a cost of 2 blood, it has an ability that makes it a powerful addition to the deck.

Grants the player a random item when played by either providing an emergency defensive card or even allowing the player to force their opponent to lose a turn.

big moose

It is a very powerful card, with 1 power, 2 health and various abilities that can decimate the opponent’s entire field in a couple of turns. However, it ensures that everything it attacks dies while with another ability it allows it to move to the space to its left at the end of each turn.

It can also make all the campfires that we find between battles much safer.


It is one of the most powerful cards in the game if you know its secret. She starts with 1 power and 1 health and costs 2 blood, and has different abilities allowing her to come back with +1 power and +1 health.

They are a permanent stat boost and persist from one battle to the next, even between acts of the game.

So thinking long-term it can be one of the favorite cards, and best of all, it always costs 2 blood regardless of how much we have increased its power.

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