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King Zell claims September is gonna be also an interesting month for the Switch



Rumor: Two More Games Allegedly Leaked for Upcoming Nintendo Direct

Surely many of you are aware of the rumors that this Friday we will have a new Nintendo Direct. However, in recent hours, many fans were worrying about the lack of announcements from Nintendo.

So much so that on social networks and Internet forums they have been showing their impatience to the point where one of the most respected insiders in the industry, known for having been right on practically every occasion in the past, has had to return to speak on it. We are talking about King Zell.

Remember that this was one of the insiders who supported this rumor in the first place, although it has also been supported by other sources. This time around, Zell shared a couple of pretty interesting posts on Resetera.

In the first one, he mentions that September will be an interesting month for Nintendo Switch users. This is surprising considering that, in principle, there are no prominent official announcements from Nintendo for that month. This was his message:

It looks like September will be an interesting month for Switch too.

But the comment that has attracted the most attention to the fans has been another answer published on the same forum in relation to the rumor that points to a new Nintendo Direct for this Friday. This is what he shared:

For the millionth time, nothing has changed in Friday’s plans

With these words, he makes it clear that what he and other sources seem to have heard is still on the way despite the fact that there are no official announcements at the moment. Some sources point out that it is indeed a Nintendo Direct, although the type of Direct it will be is unknown for now.

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