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King Zell claims that we will have news from Nintendo in August



Nintendo celebrates its 131st anniversary

Surely you remember the rumors that came to us at the end of last week in the face of a new Nintendo Direct that took place last Monday. Well, now we get more information about it.

King Zell, a leaker who has a very outstanding track record, has posted a cryptic message on Resetera about Nintendo. After supporting the Nintendo Direct rumor this week, he now states that we should expect no announcement from Nintendo in the remainder of July.

User: The main event not in July, or the one more stop before the main event not in July?

King Zell: Wait until August, there is nothing for the rest of this month.

In fact, he specifically mentions in a recent message shared on Resetera that “we wait until August. ” This would mean that, at least during the week starting tomorrow, there would be no featured ads. Instead, we would have to be alert as of Monday, August 3.

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In any case, we will be attentive to more information, since Nintendo can surprise us in unsuspected ways as it did earlier this week with its new Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase aimed at third-party partners.

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