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King Zell shares his surprise at today’s Nintendo Direct Mini and Mario’s rumors



Nintendo confirms more Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase in the future

Surely you will remember that the insider King Zell, known for having a more than acceptable trajectory in terms of Nintendo leaks, was one of those who pointed out that today there would be Nintendo Direct. Indeed we will have the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, but it seems that is not what Zell expected.

This is what he has shared in a recent post published on Resetera, where he shares his surprise at Nintendo Direct Mini dedicated to “titles from Nintendo’s developer and distributor partners”. He expected Nintendo’s own content to be shown.

Here is his message:

What i was told that Nintendo is showcasing their games late summer.
thats why this Direct was a surprise to me actually, the “S and M” hint were for 2 games that should have been revealed in that Nintendo Direct, with Nintendo especially this year nothing is certain.

King Zell was also asked about the clue he recently gave about this new Nintendo Direct, which he claimed would be liked by Super Mario fans. In response, he has offered the following:

When we’re so close to a new Mario launch game, it should be this Direct, maybe it’s the last thing announced in this Direct [Mini], but I doubt it.

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