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Life is Strange: True Colors – first details, screenshots, and remaster of the original game



Life is Strange: True Colors - first details, screenshots, and remaster of the original game

On March 18, Square Enix officially announced the third flagship game in the Life is Strange franchise, True Colors. The project is being handled by the Deck Nine studio behind Life is Strange: Before the Storm, the prequel to the first part.

We attended the True Colors presentation and are sharing the first details.

  • Development began in 2017, right after the release of Before the Storm.
  • The authors consider True Colors to be a full-fledged third part of the franchise, but they decided to abandon the name of the three in order to “emphasize the ability of the main character.”
  • The developers have listened to the criticism of the sequel, so that all five episodes of True Colors will be released immediately – on September 10 . The breakdown by series was left for convenience. At launch, the game will support all major platforms except Switch – from PC to PS5, Series X and Stadia.
  • In the screenshots, True Colors looks almost the same as Life is Strange 2, but the main technological leap has taken place in the field of animation. This is the first game in the series in which the actors fully replayed all scenes in motion capture costumes – including facial expressions. For this, Deck Nine created a full-fledged motion capture studio.
  • In the center of the plot of the third game is a girl named Alex Chen, who comes to the small town of Haven Springs to understand the mysterious death of her brother. The heroine has a unique ability – she sees the emotions of each person in the form of a colored aura (hence the subtitle) and is able to control them, as well as absorb them.
  • In this game, music will be even more important than before, as Alex is an aspiring singer . Especially for the game, mxmtoon recorded their new tracks (she also voiced the main character in all musical episodes) and Novo Armor. Moreover, Deck Nine bought the rights to many already known tracks: for example, in one of the episodes, Alex performs “Creep” from Radiohead.
  • True Colors takes place after the events of the first and second Life is Strange, and the story will play a significant role in the secondary heroine from Before the Storm – Stephanie Gingrich . Like Chloe, Steph had a crush on Rachel Amber, and is also remembered by players as the manager of The Tempest and a party in Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Alex has two romantic interests to choose from – Stephanie and Ryan . The game’s plot will adjust accordingly.
  • Many Life is Strange fans have asked for more exploration elements to be added to the game, so that outside of story scenes, Alex will be able to roam the city relatively freely and discover additional pieces of history, as well as use his abilities on passers-by. But no, this is still not an open-world game – such inserts will be tied to the events of each of the episodes, and if you miss the dialogue with some character, the next time he starts the conversation differently.
  • There will be up to 24 different outfits for Alex in the game, but some of them will only be included in the extended versions.
  • True Colors will be available in three editions: Basic, Deluxe and Ultimate. The last two, in addition to additional costumes, will include a bonus story about Stephanie Gingrich (mini-expansion). The main feature of Ultimate is the remasters of the first game and its prequel.
  • Pre-orders are already open.

Life is Strange Remastered Collection

The Remastered Collection will include the original Life is Strange and Before the Storm. Both games received not only improved models, locations, and lighting but also a completely new animation – all scenes were re-recorded in a new motion capture studio.

At release, the remasters can only be purchased with True Colors, but later they will appear in digital stores separately.

Apparently, the Remastered Collection will not receive any special improvements for the PS5 and Xbox Series but will work for backward compatibility.

True Colors itself supports new consoles, but the developers have not yet clarified to what extent.

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