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Luigi’s LEGO Mario set is leaked by a Chinese store ahead of time



Luigi's LEGO Mario set is leaked by a Chinese store ahead of time

Luigi has been spotted, piece by piece, in his new Super Mario LEGO east. A Chinese shop has leaked the new track of the series. Here are the images.

LEGO has expanded its boundaries and possibilities enormously over the years. The Danish toy and construction company has incorporated all sorts of pop culture icons such as Star Wars, Ninjago, and many other big names.

The latest has been LEGO Super Mario, which has proposed another way of interacting with the company’s rideable proposal. LEGO wanted to combine its assembly identity with the interactive fun of Nintendo’s video games. A few months later a familiar acquaintance joins the family.

After some rumors, it finally seems to be confirmed (unofficially) that Luigi will also have his own LEGO set. Mario’s beloved brother has been spotted thanks to an accidental leak from a Chinese shop, which has shared the images on Amazon.

In the set we have been able to see what Luigi will look like, the level we will be able to create and the enemies and items we will be able to collect. Koppa and Pink Yoshi are also included as one of the big additions to the set.

No word yet on release dates for the electronic set, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it available in the next few weeks. We’ll be keeping an eye out for the scary Luigi, and will we be seeing new LEGO sets featuring more characters from the Nintendo franchise in the future?

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