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Microsoft CEO confirms 18 million Game Pass subscribers, Series X | S is the most successful launch



Microsoft CEO confirms 18 million Game Pass subscribers, Series X | S is the most successful launch

As of April 2020, the number of subscribers the service has earned has been 8 million increasing dramatically since it launched in June 2017.

Xbox does not stop growing and along with it the number of users who already have its services does. On the one hand, we have the game subscription service, Xbox Game Pass which already has 18 million players. And not only, but its other service -Xbox Live- has reached a user rank of 100 million per month.

These numbers are incredible,, since they indicate an exponential growth month by month since last year, since if we look at May 2020 we see that it has been adding a million per month so far. In April 2020, it announced 10 million, on September 21, 15 million, and today, January 27, they confirm that there are already 18 million users on Xbox Game Pass.

And not only that, the company is in a good revenue position, announcing its fiscal 2021 quarter numbers. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Amy Hood, CFO, commented on the Xbox division stating that revenue grew 51%. Xbox hardware, in revenue, took an incredible 86% jump largely due to the launch of the new Xbox Series X / S in November which they claimed was the largest in Xbox history.

Hood noted expecting ” growth in the 20% range ” as demand continues despite production constraints. Xbox content and services grew another 40% precisely because of Xbox Game Pass and third-party sales so they predict that this will continue. Although expecting a negative margin since they will continue to invest and right now they do not take into account the purchase of Bethesda in their estimates

” In gaming, we expect high-end growth of 20% and strong demand following the launch of Xbox Series X / S driven by 40% growth from the full stock supply. We also expect a negative margin in console sales this quarter, as we continue to invest in the face of growth over the life of the platform. Xbox content and services, in terms of revenue, should grow in a low range of 20% with strong participation of Game users Pass “.

” As a reminder, this report does not include Zenimax, which we expect to close in the second half of the fiscal year .”

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