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“Mini-console on wheels”: release trailer and details of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit — a toy car with AR mechanics



Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Nintendo announced Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit back in early September to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario franchise. Two weeks before the start of sales, the company released a release trailer and a video about the development, where it spoke in more detail about its new unusual device, which combines the usual remote-controlled machine with augmented reality mechanics.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit was created by Velan Studios in New York, and their new project is the result of a long and close collaboration with Nintendo itself.

According to the developers, the early prototypes of the Home Circuit were quickly discharged, but the concept was so liked by Nintendo that the company’s “iron” specialists worked hard to increase the battery life.

Velan Studios itself calls its toys “mini-consoles on wheels” — because of the complexity of the design and their technical performance.

Developers are especially proud of their augmented reality mechanics — in addition to displaying a virtual track, Home Circuit has items that directly affect the behavior of the car. For example, Chain Chops can pull the car in different directions, which will be felt when driving.

The set of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will include the car itself, as well as direction signs and gates — with the help of the latter, players will be able to create their own tracks right at home, which will later be transferred to Switch to simulate AR, including weather conditions and effects from items. Up to four people will be able to participate in the races — each with their own car and hybrid console.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit sets with Mario and Luigi will go on sale on October 16.

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