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The full release of Hyper Scape did not meet Ubisoft’s expectations — the game will be finalized



The full release of Hyper Scape did not meet Ubisoft's expectations — the game will be finalized

In the official Hyper Scape blog, the developers of the dynamic battle Royale shooter said that during the testing stage and the first days after the release on PC, millions of players tried to play, sharing positive reviews about the gameplay and other aspects.

However, as the developers say, after the full release of the game, including on consoles in August, it did not meet both their expectations and the expectations of players. Therefore, Hyper Scape will be updated.

According to the developers, Hyper Scape was always conceived as a game with high skill requirements, but statistics showed Ubisoft that they were too high. This has made it extremely difficult for new players to adapt when playing against those who are already familiar with the shooter. This is one of the areas that will be worked on.

In addition to this, the developers plan to add different game modes, like the traditional deathmatch, as well as a respawn system, since now the main Hyper Scape mode almost does not forgive mistakes.

Finally, Ubisoft wants to add long-term goals for players so that they have a reason to stay in the game and continue to develop. In the second season, the first version of ranked matches will appear, and later — more different progression systems and improvements to the overall experience.

Also, the creators will add crossplay earlier than planned to increase the size of the lobby and make finding matches easier.

To achieve all the goals set, the Hyper Scape development team will be divided into cells — this structure was previously used in the Rainbow Six Siege team, and it proved to be extremely effective in its work.

The second season of Hyper Scape starts on October 6. As part of it, the game will add the “floor is lava” mode in addition to four more.

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