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Modder and dataminer of the Souls series shared fresh rumours about Demon’s Souls remake.



Modder and dataminer of the Souls series shared fresh rumours about Demon's Souls remake.

While Sony’s official marketing is silent, youtuber and indie developer lance McDonald, widely known in Soul circles and famous for his videos with cut-out content from games From Software, recently actively published notes on his Twitter related to the remake of Demon’s Souls. Last night, he deleted all his latest tweets, but by this time they had already attracted quite a lot of attention and spread around the network.

According to lance, the game went “for gold” on September 24, but so far none of the insiders have been able to get the game in advance. He himself has only seen a few gameplay excerpts and knows first-hand some details about the game.

Bluepoint Studio tried to preserve the essence of the world of “Demons”, making the game” stunningly beautiful visually”, and the bosses – “even more disgusting”. The game itself is still the same, but that doesn’t mean that Bluepoint hasn’t changed anything.

The gameplay trailer, which was shown in September, was recorded in debug mode, which was disabled only before passing through the fog to the boss-this explains how easily the player character kills all opponents with 1 hit.

Lance claims that under the hood of the game runs its own engine Studio Bluepoint, and not an improved engine Dark Souls III, as it might seem before. Indirectly, this was already indicated by an interesting observation – many after the gameplay trailer paid attention to how the work of the sound engine has changed – for example, the sound effects of the character have become more detailed and high-quality.

It is quite possible that the situation with the last remake from the Bluepoint Studio – Shadow of the Colossus – will repeat here-when the final game engine was a symbiosis of its Bluepoint engine in terms of graphics and the original game engine in terms of gameplay logic. It would be logical to assume that the physics, gameplay code, along with the animations and balance of Demon’s Souls will move to us directly from the original, even if they are subject to revision. According to modders and data miners, the original Dark Souls engine is not very friendly and contains a lot of “crutches”, so the transfer of the game to the internal engine of the Studio as the basis of the remake makes sense.

Naturally, not without cosmetic changes. Of the interesting details, lance gave an example of how a certain stained glass window changed, where two men will be added to the virgin – it was replaced with the one that was previously hidden in the resources of the original game, and was not used in the original version of the game itself (a day after the publication of this information, lance posted a texture from the game on Twitter as confirmation of his theory). At the same time, the developers were very careful when working with assets and resources – they tried to keep even the file names identical.

According to lance, an additional sixth world, known as “Northern lands”, will not be included in the remake. From Software originally planned to include a new extensive location in the game – either as part of the main release, or in the form of DLC – but due to lack of time or for another unknown reason, we were forced to abandon this idea. This became known only due to the fact that data miners found in the resources of the 2009 game not only a blank of one of the levels, but also opponents along with NPCs that can not be found in the game itself. It is possible that the company expected to complete work on the location later in the DLC, but this did not happen – and given that Bluepoint is also a small company, it is not worth waiting for it in the DLC again.

When announcing the game, Sony mentioned a new Fractured Mode, but later mentions of it were removed from marketing materials (as well as the announcement of the PC version). Lance hinted that despite this, at the current stage, Fractured Mode is still in the game, but did not go into details.

In conclusion, lance talked about the new game camera. According to him, the behavior of the camera is not quite similar to what we saw in the gameplay trailer – while walking and running, the camera moves away from the player and works similarly to how it functioned in the original Demon’s Souls, but when the player stops, the camera moves back and to the right, similar to how it worked in Shadow of the Colossus.

What of this information will be true and what is not – we already know very soon, on the day of the game’s release-November 12.

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