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Nintendo Announces It Will Be Adding More Features/Mechanics To The Switch Online To Make Software More Enjoyable And Convenient



A program has been created to link Nintendo console gamepads to sex toys

During Nintendo annual financial briefing Q&A, the officials said:

It is difficult to know exactly what the future will hold. However, even as people around the world are required to stay home, there is still demand for the entertainment industry. It’s difficult to predict how the industry may change because of this.

The gaming industry in Japan has never faced a crisis like this before, and as employees are forced to work from home, Nintendo is investigating what can be done to increase productivity, make remote work more efficient, and understand what is and isn’t possible.

Initially, fans in their 20s and 30s purchased Animal Crossing, particularly women. As information spread between friends and family, especially through social media, sales rocketed. Nintendo Switch sales have also increased from the hype surrounding New Horizons.

There is no current plan to disclose the subscriber amount for Nintendo Switch Online. They believe subscriber total will continue to increase, especially as more games with online play are released.

Nintendo will continue to add more features and mechanics to Nintendo Switch Online to make software more enjoyable and convenient. Over 100 million Nintendo accounts have been created.

The impact from the Chinese market was not major for the last quarter, particularly as entry to the market is still quite recent. Nintendo intends to continue working with Tencent to increase brand awareness in the market.

Advertising costs are higher for the Nintendo Switch now than during launch. This is because Nintendo wants to acquire the casual market of those who don’t typically play video games. However, this strategy will evolve and change as more sales information becomes available.

Regarding mobile development, Nintendo will continue to focus on the six already released apps. They are, however, continuing to develop new apps as well, but have nothing to announce at this time.

Nintendo wants to expand the brand awareness of Nintendo through the mobile market and reach customers they otherwise wouldn’t. Pocket Camp saw an increase in users surrounding the release of New Horizons and there have been over 400 million downloads of Mario Kart Tour.

The current focus on the mobile market is to maximize Nintendo’s global market reach. Nintendo is not forecasting significant growth in mobile sales this year.

Furthermore, it has also been confirmed that Ring Fit Adventure is coming back in stock soon.

The interview translated by Sephazon.

I enjoy playing games, and gaming is a passion of mine. Among my favorite games are Tears of the Kingdom, GTA, and Cyberpunk.

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