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Nintendo gives money back to a Russian Nintendo switch user as he filed a lawsuit against the company



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It is easy to play games on Nintendo switch anywhere, Anytime. Many action, adventurous and party game are being launched nowadays. Nintendo switch is being sold around the world as It was launched in china on December 10. Today, the case we’re going to tell you belongs to a Russian Nintendo switch user, Vladimir Vechnyi.

Vladimir Vechnyi is a russian blogger and Vlogger who earns his living by uploading contents on his YouTube channel. Today, he has more than 300k subscribers. In October 2019, he bought a game, Dusty Raging Fist through Nintendo eshop because he wanted to play the game with his friends. After buying it, he realized that you can’t play in multiplayer mode with just one pair of Joy-Con, something you didn’t know because in the eShop it wasn’t mentioned. Then he contacted to Nintendo Officials to get his money back but he was said that he could not get his money back because of the policy. After a hard struggle the player filed a lawsuit that has now managed to win against Nintendo before the Russian court. This is shared by TverNews , where it is explained that Nintendo has returned the total price of the game and compensation for moral damages by not being able to stream in the form of about € 54.

Speaking with Russian News reporter he advises others to fight for their rights. This is the first known case in which Nintendo returns money from a game to a user. The blogger has also shared that he can now re-download the eShop game if he wants to, but is not interested

“I want to motivate people to protect their rights, because digital goods are the same goods as everyone else.” he says.


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