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Nintendo Switch Pro is listed in a French retailer at a price of 399€



Nintendo Switch is updated to version 13.0.0 with support for Bluetooth audio and more

The rumors, leaks, and information about the Nintendo Switch Pro continue. The console has seemed listed in a French store under a price of 399 euros.

Nintendo Switch Pro has been rumored for months as the next big step that the Japanese company will make in the console market. Although the platform has been the protagonist of all kinds of news for a long time, it has been in the past week when the alarms for a possible announcement have jumped.

According to the Bloomberg portal, Nintendo Switch Pro would be revealed shortly and although that announcement has not yet occurred, many maintain that it is imminent. New clues suggest that this could be true. The last one comes from a chain of French stores, on whose website the platform has been listed, with price included.

Boulanger, a French chain of stores, has listed Nintendo Switch Pro, something that could show that, indeed, an announcement by the big N is on the way. In addition to this, the alleged price of the console can also be seen. This would cost 399 euros, although it is important to note that it could be a simple placeholder.

That is an indicative price that the store can set until it knows what the true one will be. At the moment, it is too early to take anything for granted, but of course, the expectation that this announcement is generating does not stop growing among those interested in this commented model of Switch. The console is not visible on the web, this information provided by Nintend’Alerts has been extracted from the files on that page.

None of the information that has been discussed comes from official sources, so it is necessary to remain calm, although there are already those who assure that the announcement of the console will take place this Thursday. The truth is that there is quite a mess about the possible name of the console. While Nintendo Switch Pro is mentioned here, on other occasions we have heard that it would be called the Super Nintendo Switch Pro.

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