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Super Nintendo Switch Pro is expected to be announced this week



Super Nintendo Switch Pro is expected to be announced this week

Insider Nick Shpheal claims that Nintendo plans to announce the “Super Nintendo Switch Pro” this week on Thursday, corroborating Bloomberg’s estimate.

Last Friday Bloomberg set off all the alarms about the long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, which it said would be announced before E3. In fact, other media outlets and insiders, such as Emily Rogers, also backed her words, claiming that Nintendo would reveal the console “imminently”.

But when? Every day, every hour on the hour, Nintendo fans are madly checking their Twitter feeds to see if Nintendo will make the happy announcement. And according to insider Shpeshal_Nick, the announcement is scheduled for this Thursday, June 3.

So, according to Nick’s sources, Nintendo plans to make the announcement on Thursday, although dates are always open to change, and according to Nick, the announcement has already been delayed on occasion. Stay tuned!

Another interesting topic he touches on is the name, Super Nintendo Switch. Nick clarifies that he has no idea what name it will have, but Super Nintendo Switch is one of the names that fans seem to like the most, and they have spent the last few days debating about the name: Switch Pro, Super Switch Pro, New Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Super Switch, Switch Advanced… What final name would you like it to have?

It is assumed that this “Super Nintendo Switch” would be compatible with all the games and accessories of the regular Switch, and would not be a generational successor, but an intermediate step that would replace the regular model, while keeping the Switch Lite as an alternative. It is expected to have exclusive games at least from third parties, who would want to announce them at E3 (hence its presentation just before).


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