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Nintendo warns players not to buy the wrong Pokémon Sword and Shield expansion



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Nintendo is warning gamers to make sure to buy the expansion according to their version of the game, although nothing happens if someone gets confused, as they offer solutions to correct the error.

The first Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield expansion, Isle of Armor, is finally available on Nintendo Switch consoles for all Pokemon players. It presents the new content, history and new pokémon, although there are certain doubts. Apparently, according to Nintendo, some players have problems accessing the DLC because they may have acquired the wrong version.

When The Isle of Armor and Crown snows were announced, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company warned players that each was intended for one of the Pokémon games, Sword and Shield. This prevented blunders around a Pokémon Sword player buying the Shield version and vice versa.

However, it seems that five months after the announcement these problems continue to persist, and they already present a headache for many, gamer, and Nintendo. For this reason, Nintendo of America itself through its Twitter account has shared a message to the owners of Pokemon Sword and Shield to prevent more mistakes from repeating.

The customer service of Nintendo Japan published a similar warning message after the launch of the DLC, only that the American social network is accompanied by a message to contact about this error and be able to fix it. Although at first, it may seem that there are not many differences between the two expansions, each one is designed for a particular game, like the original games.

Despite the fact that the first expansion is already available, Pokémon Sword and Shield continues to be updated with content on gigamax battles against pokémon, such as Zeraora. Even if a million players manage to defeat him, then everyone who has captured him will receive his shiny version.

Beyond The Island of Armor and Crown snows, Nintendo prepares another Pokémon Presents like the one of last June 17 for the next 24 of this month. This showed Pokémon Smile and Pokémon Cafe Mix, both for mobile, as well as New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch.

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