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‘Outriders’ will allow you to recover the equipment lost due to a bug with equal or better statistics



'Outriders' will allow you to recover the equipment lost due to a bug with equal or better statistics

The launch of ‘ Outriders ‘ will not be remembered as one of the finest in recent months, because problems with the servers that made it very difficult to play were added others as a very serious error that completely eliminated the equipment obtained by the players. This is a game whose ultimate goal is to get the best possible equipment that was not tolerable.

A satisfactory solution

The People Can Fly study has been working to solve this problem and now they have confirmed that players will recover their equipment and will do so with statistics equal to or higher than those they had when they lost it.

Details on this solution can be found on Reddit, posted by the studio itself.
It is possible that the players who continued with their game after suffering this problem already have much better equipment than the one they lost during the first days of play, but if you abandoned the game, for this reason, you should know that the problem is solved and that the compensation will not leave you sold.

What’s more, the items that you recover will now be adapted to the height of the game you are going through, therefore it should not be a problem that you have continued advancing, because you may receive weapons that you obtained at the time, but that will still be you use right now.

‘Outriders’ is conceived as a “game as a service”, which means that it will not stop updating for a long time and that new content and challenges will constantly arrive to overcome alone or with friends.

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