Jim Ryan believes “reduced spec” hardware like Series S hasn’t had “good results”

Sony's Jim Ryan believes Xbox Series S will not be a success

Microsoft and Sony took divergent paths in their approach to next-gen technology. Microsoft developed two starkly different consoles for two different kinds of consumers; the Xbox Series X is the top-of-the-line future-proof machine, while the Xbox Series S is lower-power and more of an entry point. The PlayStation 5, however, …

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The British retailer canceled all pre-orders of Super Mario 3D All-Stars due to “depressingly small” deliveries

Marvel's Avengers

British retailer Base.com warned customers to cancel their pre-orders for the Super Mario 3D all-Stars collection for Switch, which will go on sale for just six months from September 18 to March 31. Initially, this was reported by several network users, but later the information was confirmed in the media. …

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The head of Sony Interactive confirms that the PS5 does not support backward compatibility with the original PlayStation, PS2, and PS3

Playstation 5 doesn't appear in searches on Amazon Italy

After the September presentation of the PS5, Jim Ryan, head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, gave several big interviews, in one of which he said that the PlayStation 5 will get backward compatibility with 99% of the tested games for PS4. In a conversation with the editors of the Japanese magazine …

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