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Palia: How to Get Butter



palia - butter

Players can increase their culinary skills by cooking various types of food recipes in Palia. As each food recipe requires certain ingredients, players are required to gather the ingredients before making the food recipe. One of the ingredients for several food recipes is Butter.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Butter in Palia.

How to Get Butter in Palia

Butter is one of the cooking ingredients in Palia that you can only get from the General Store. The General Store is run by an NPC named Zeki and you can find him mostly inside his general store, located in Kilima Village. You can find all sorts of dairy products, seeds, fireworks, and much more at the general store.

To get the Butter, you need to go to the General Store and interact with the Cash Register to browse the items available for purchase. Scroll down the list of items to find the Butter and it will cost you 40 Gold for 1 block of Butter. The price and value of Butter decreased in the 0.169 patch from 80 to 40 Gold.

It is useful to buy several blocks of Butter at a time and store them in storage for future use. Butter is used in several recipes and one of the main recipes that Butter is used to cook is Petit Fives. You can also sell the Butter at the General Store or the Shipping Bin for 20 Gold.

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