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Palia: Where to Find Spitfire Cicada



Palia - Spitfire Cicada

Spitfire Cicada is one of the Rare bugs in Palia that is required for the Brightbug Bundle of Vault of the Flames Shrine in the Night Sky Island along with a couple of quests, such as Music to My Ears. The Brightbug Bundle requires four rare bugs that players have to collect and contribute to the bundle to complete. One of the Rare bugs is the Spitfire Cicada which players can find at any time of the day.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can find Spitfire Cicada in Palia.

Where to Find Spitfire Cicada in Palia

The Spitfire Cicada is one of the dragonflies in the game that spawns far from the water as well as near the pond areas. It spawns on the sapwood trees all over the region of Bahari Bay and can be found in the morning and daytime. Since the spawn area is extensive, it is not hard to find it. We found it several times around Hideaway Bluffs, Pulsewater Plains, Ancient Aquaduct, and Proudhorn Pass.

How to Catch Spitfire Cicada in Palia

Catching the Spitfire Cicada is easier than other big bugs in Palia as it can be caught easily with the Standard Smoke Bombs. It gets stun easily with 1 to 2 hits of Standard Smoke Bombs but it is essential to throw the Smoke Bombs on it when it is sitting on the tree from a safe distance otherwise, it will get alerted and try to flee. You can also throw the Sticky Smoke Bombs on it to slow it down and then use the regular Smoke Bombs to stun it.

Once you have stunned the Spitfire Cicada, simply go near it and interact with it to pick it up. It will drop 0-7 Silk Thread as well on the catch. Upon catching the Spitfire Cicada, you can go back to the Vault of the Flames in the Night Sky Island to contribute it to the bundle or use it to complete one of the required quests.

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