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Persona 3 Portable: How to Join Arcana



Persona 3 Portable: How to Join Arcana

Persona 3 Portable is a Strategy game in which you will have to make choices at certain points of the game that will open opportunities for you. As players will have to stop the demons during the Dark Hour, they will have to make their own party. Players will meet different characters around the school on a certain date and they will be able to join them by passing the Social Link. Meeting with other characters will grant you other things as well and one of them is Arcana.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what is Arcana and how can you join it in Persona 3 Portable.

What is Arcana

Arcana are the different classes of Tarot Cards that you will get by joining a certain Arcana. Each Arcana has different types of Personas which are the Tarot Cards. As players progress ahead in the game, they will get the Personas of the Arcana. However, most of the Personas will be different for Male and Female Characters.

Joining Arcana

Arcana is joined by passing the Social Links in the story of the game. Players will get to meet with other characters as they progress through the game and the characters will invite the players to join them. Joining them will also join their Arcana. By joining the Arcana, players will get to unlock the Personas in that Arcana. Players will join a total of 22 Arcana in the game and as they level up, they will get to unlock new Personas and Persona Skills. The Arcana that players will get to join in the story of the game is the following.

  • Fool (Arcana) Date: 4/18
  • Magician (Arcana) Date: 4/23
  • Priestess (Arcana) Date: 6/15
  • Empress (Arcana) Date: 11/21
  • Emperor (Arcana) Date: 5/6
  • Hierophant (Arcana) Date: 4/25
  • Lovers (Arcana) Date: 7/28
  • Chariot (Arcana) Date: 4/23
  • Justice (Arcana) Date: 5/28
  • Hermit (Arcana) Date: 4/29
  • Fortune (Arcana) Date: 6/17
  • Strength (Arcana) Date: 4/28
  • Hanged Man (Arcana) Date: 5/9
  • Death (Arcana) Date: 6/12
  • Temperance (Arcana) Date: 5/29
  • Devil (Arcana) Date: 6/23
  • Tower (Arcana) Requirement: Reach Rank 4 (Strength)/Rank 3 (Chariot)
  • Star (Arcana) Date: 8/9
  • Moon (Arcana) Date: 9/22
  • Sun (Arcana) Date: 8/8
  • Judgement (Arcana) Date: 12/31
  • Aeon (Arcana) Date: 12/30

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