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Players have already unlocked 2 Ultra Unlock bonus weeks during Pokémon Go Fest 2020



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Pokémon Go Fest 2020 has barely been live for a day in some regions and the community has already unlocked two of the three Ultra Unlock bonus weeks for August.

That means that a combined 16 global challenges in the Global Challenge Arena have been completed by trainers worldwide, and it looks like all of the extra content will be unlocked before the second day even starts.

The Ultra Unlock bonus essentially translates to three weeks of themed-content for Pokémon Go that players have to earn through completing global challenges during Go Fest. A total of 32 challenges were made available at the start of the event, with 24 being the number players need to reach to unlock all three weeks.

For each of those weeks, a Legendary Pokémon will be returning to five-star raids based on the theme: Rayquaza for Dragon Week, Deoxys for Enigma Week, and Genesect for Unova Week. If players can unlock the Unova-themed event, Sewaddle, Cottonee, Emolga, and Bouffalant will all make their Pokémon Go debuts.

So far, the Dragon and Enigma-themed weeks have both been unlocked, with Unova Week is just around the corner. Here are all of the dates that players can look forward to enjoying the extra content once Go Fest wraps up.

  • Dragon Week: July 31 to Aug. 7 (unlocked)
  • Enigma Week: Aug. 7 to 14 (unlocked)
  • Unova Week: Aug. 14 to 21

Pokémon Go Fest 2020 runs on both July 25 and 26. If you want to unlock all of these bonuses, you’ll need to get your ticket early and jump into the Global Challenge Arena.

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