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PlayStation Head on Removing Cyberpunk 2077 from PS Store: “It Was a Tough Decision for Us “



PlayStation Head on Removing Cyberpunk 2077 from PS Store: "It Was a Tough Decision for Us "

The CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment gave an interview, where he touched on several topics at once and for the first time commented on the situation with the RPG from CD Projekt RED, which was removed from the PS Store in December 2020. We have selected a few basic quotes.

About Cyberpunk 2077

According to Ryan, the decision to remove Cyberpunk from the store was not easy for the company, but they could not do otherwise amid the technical problems faced by PS4 users.

It was a tough decision for us, but in the end we had to act in the best interest of the PlayStation community. We couldn’t knowingly sell people a game that would give them a negative experience.

Jim Ryan

When and under what conditions the game will still be allowed back to the PS Store, the head of the SIE did not say. However, Sony and CDPR are still in talks with each other.

About competition

When asked to define PlayStation as a company, Ryan stated that he and his colleagues work in the entertainment field as such. This means that their competitors in the market may be those who are not associated with the gaming industry.

I can tell you without a doubt that we are competing with other companies for the leisure time of our consumers. So the concept of “competition” is elastic for us and goes far beyond what is traditionally called gaming and video games.

Jim Ryan

Entering the mobile market

The head of Sony Interactive Entertainment noted that the company decided to release its own mobile games because it is quite confident in its position in the industry as a whole.

We started off with the idea that our IP portfolio is so strong right now that limiting ourselves to the existing PlayStation community seems like a perversion.

Jim Ryan

Ryan confirmed that PlayStation is already actively working on projects for mobile platforms and noted that “you will see the first fruits of this work sooner than you think.”


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