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PlayStation Home Virtual Social Network Returning to PS5?



PlayStation Home Virtual Social Network Returning to PS5?

In 2008, Sony Interactive Entertainment (then Sony Computer Entertainment) launched PlayStation Home, a virtual social network for the PlayStation 3 console, where PSN users could create digital avatars, meet other real players, participate in various joint events, or simply have fun.

Six years later, in April 2015, Sony turned off the PS Home servers, as a result of which the service with a multimillion audience ceased to exist. However, the platform holder recently updated the PlayStation Home trademark, extending the rights to it until 2028.

It is possible that by this action Sony only protected the use of the trademark, which is often practiced in the industry, but users have already begun to build theories about the possible return of PS Home in the future. Allegedly, the upcoming launch of PlayStation VR 2 is ideal for reviving the service as a kind of analog of VRChat.

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