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Pokémon Sword and Shield player instantly regrets after an epic failure when trying to catch a shiny



Pokémon Sword and Shield player instantly regrets after an epic failure when trying to catch a shiny

The varicolored Pokémon (also known as shiny) in Pokémon Sword and Shield are relatively difficult to find, as in previous installments. These Pokémon are very popular either to compete with them or simply to collect them, due to their uniqueness.

Well, this time we bring you the most curious news related to one of these Pokémon. It turns out that a Pokémon Sword and Shield player is known on Reddit as ‘ KingOfTheHlll ‘, uploaded a video clip of his peculiar encounter with shiny Stunky, a poison / sinister type Pokémon introduced in the fourth generation, on the r / PokemonSwordAndShield subreddit.

The clip, called ” Accompany me in my pain, ” showed that player using False swipe, a move that as most of you know is characterized by dealing damage but which prevents weakening any Pokémon, since it always leaves 1 HP, to make sure not defeat shiny Stunky and capture him. So far everything normal, the problem is that it did not take into account that this Pokémon can perform the Explosion movement and used it next, so it was automatically weakened, leaving the poor trainer devastated. To make matters worse, Sinnoh’s Pokémon was a “rare” shiny, the best you can get (they are identified by squares around them instead of stars).

It didn’t take long for the Pokémon community to identify with the player and try to cheer him up with messages like “It hurts, we’ve all been through it. There will be another Stanky Cat in your future, and you will catch it! ” or «Don’t be so hard on yourself man, it happens to the best of us. Keep shooting, good looking.

In cases like you can try to use movements to paralyze it or put it to sleep, although many times it is better to throw a quick Ball (if used in the first turn of a fight, the ratio multiplier is × 5) or a Gathering Ball (if used with a Pokémon registered in the Pokédex as captured, the ratio multiplier is x3.5) or a Master Ball (in the case of being a legendary Pokémon).

One more example that it is important to know the movements that any Pokémon in the game can have in the wild since otherwise, we can get an unpleasant surprise as in this case.

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