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Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC Datamine Reveals Hidden Ability Item



Pokemon Sword and Shield's Crown Tundra DLC Datamine Reveals Hidden Ability Item

Launching back in November of 2019, Pokemon Sword and Shield brought a mainline Pokemon game onto the Nintendo Switch for the very first time. With it, a new DLC model that has already changed the way players get new content. Now it seems that Game Freak wants to shake things up even further, with the next DLC, The Crown Tundra, supposedly bringing a Hidden Ability Capsule.

According to a leak by data miners on Twitter, The Crown Tundra will be bringing a new version of the Ability Capsule into the game. This item is not yet named but gives players the chance to change the ability of a given Pokemon to its Hidden Ability. This seems to also work for Legendary Pokemon in the game, with user @mattyoukhana_ demonstrating Mewtwo could gain its hidden talent. Previously, the Ability Capsule (found in the Battle Tower in Wyndon) allowed trainers to change from one standard ability to another but never allowed for a Pokemon to gain its hidden power.

A Hidden Ability gives Pokemon a range of perks, from standard damage boosts to unique talents, and was introduced in the game in Pokemon Black and White. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, trainers would have to catch the Pokemon in a Max Raid Battle, and then breed the Ability down the line. The chance of the parent Pokemon passing the trait down is 60%, so the chances of getting lucky are marginally difficult.

Game Freak seems to be trying to implement new ways of mixing up its gameplay, with the most recent DLC Isle of Armor bringing new ways to grind for rewards. The Mark Charm, which is rewarded to players once they complete the Pokedex of the DLC, gives players an increased chance of newly-caught Pokemon having Marks. Along with that, players were given the legendary Pokemon Kubfu during the story, which players could choose to evolve into either the Fighting/Dark-Type or Fighting/Water-Type Urshifu. These changes introduced in the first DLC bode well for the future of the series, and hopefully even more are implemented into The Crown Tundra.

What the second DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield has in store is yet to be fully revealed, with some recent leaks showing the full Pokedex and map of the area. With this Hidden Ability Capsule, however, at least trainers will have the chance to create unique builds with their current party of Pokemon. The future of the series is looking strong, and all Game Freak has to do is deliver.

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