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Remnant 2: How to Unlock Ritualist Archetype



Remnant 2 - Ritualist Archetype

The Ritualist Archetype is a new secret Archetype in Remnant 2 exclusive to the owners of The Awakened King DLC. This Archetype is all about inflicting status effects on enemies and reducing their effectiveness against you. Using the skills of Ritualist will allow you to inflict various status effects and the Prime Perk, Vile will inflict enemies with Infected which will make enemies take more damage from the status effects. It is a great class for taking out multiple enemies without using much of your ammo resources as the status effects can be enough for the regular biome enemies.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to unlock the Ritualist Archetype in Remnant 2.

How to Unlock the Ritualist Archetype in Remnant 2

The Ritualist Archetype can be unlocked by obtaining the Ragged Poppet. After getting the Ragged Poppet, players need to take it to Wallace in the Ward 13 area and use it with other required materials to craft the Cursed Effigy Engram to unlock the Ritualist Archetype. It is the Engram of Ritualist Archetype and players can equip it in the Primary or Secondary slot of their Archetypes to start using Ritualist Archetype and gain respective skills and perks.

Where to Find Ragged Poppet in Remnant 2

The Ragged Poppet is located in the Forlorn Coast area and you can access it by starting with the new DLC adventure. As you select the Adventure Mode, you need to select The Awakened King location which will take you to Losomn World but with new areas. You need to progress through the at least first two areas after starting the adventure until you reach a large Canal with several boats. This area will be on the Forlorn Coast and we reached it by progressing through the Drowned Wen area.

Once you have reached the canal location, take out the enemies, drop down on the boats, and jump over them to go ahead. Make sure that you jump over the gaps among the boats as your character cannot swim and if you fall into the water, you’ll die requiring you to do it all over again. As you reach the end by going over the boats, you will see a gap in the wall which will take you to a cave in which you will encounter a Witch sacrificing a Pig. Kill both of the enemies and pick up the Ragged Poppet from the wooden pillar.

How to Craft Cursed Effigy in Remnant 2

Once players have obtained the Ragged Poppet, they need to rest at the checkpoint and travel to the Ward 13 area. Go to Wallace and interact with him and the Cursed Effigy Engram will be available for crafting with the following required materials.

  • 1x Ragged Poppet
  • 10x Lumenite Crystal
  • 1000 Scrap

After crafting the Cursed Effigy Engram, equip it in one of the slots of Archetypes to unlock and use the Ritualist Archetype.

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