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Resident Evil Village fans test the intelligence of Lady Dimitrescu



Resident Evil Village, fans test the intelligence of Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village has recently arrived and gamers are still struggling with Lady Dimitrescu and the other villains: now, someone has decided to test the vampire’s intelligence in the new Capcom title (and has started looking for many other curiosities).

The new iteration of the survival horror franchise represents the link between the historical legacy of the saga (see Resident Evil 4 ) and the new course undertaken to start from Resident Evil 7, a title with which Village shares the same protagonist, Ethan Winters.

It was only a matter of time before additional fan-created content began to arrive: thanks to a free camera mod made by a user, it is possible to deepen the identity of the mysterious character who appears in the finale.

The fascinating and fearsome vampire Alcina Dimitrescu has become a real symbol of the game, and someone has decided to transfer her in all her grandeur within The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, with a truly noteworthy result.

The attractive dark lady is one of the main villains of Village, and the YouTuber MELOO has decided to test her level of intelligence to get a deeper idea of ​​the work done by Capcom.

The gamer experiment was based on the use of some very simple strategies, thanks to which it was possible to come across some surprises.

The content of the analysis was published in the following video on the channel of the same MELOO:

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The unmissable contribution shows us what would happen in different moments of the game by implementing unusual strategies .

For example, moving around the table in front of the fireplace, it will be possible to keep Lady Dimitrescu at a safe distance, who will in no way be able to hurt us with her sharp claws, showing very little foresight.

Similarly, if we try to lure her into the Duke’s room, the vampire will stop on the threshold, without bending to follow us inside with some ease.

The Youtuber then decided to explore other sections of the game, trying a different approach than what the title suggests.

MELOO wondered what would happen if we kill Urias in the opening section of the adventure. The answer is simple: another one would appear.

What if we tried to use the elevator without the tank, would it work? The answer is no, we would stand still without the possibility of continuing.

What would happen if we gave Lady Dimitrescu’s crystals to the duke after defeating her? He would answer « Oh, Lady Dimitrescu, beautiful even in death. That waistline… ».

In short, the video is full of details and we invite you to see it all to enjoy some curiosities that perhaps you had not even thought of analyzing in Resident Evil Village.

In an attempt to honor the new chapter, a user has created a demake version of the title, imagining what it would have been like if it had been released at the time of PS1, and the result will leave you pleasantly surprised.

The village is also the third-largest launch for PS5, but with a demerit note: not only its predecessor but also Resident Evil 2 Remake had managed to do better in terms of sales.

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