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Returnal creators say Sony was not afraid to take risks



Returnal: Housemarque has not yet decided how to resolve the saves issue

Finnish collective Housemarque addressed fans on the occasion of the imminent release of their new project Returnal for the PlayStation 5 console. In a large publication, the developers thanked the audience for their long-term support, talked about the problematic stage in the development of their company, and also noted flattering words to Sony, whose management has actively supported them for many years.

A significant part of Housemarque’s appeal is given to the studio’s previous release, the arcade action game Nex Machina, which debuted in 2017. This project found a response in the hearts of critics and received high marks from the press, but the sales dynamics of the game showed not the most satisfactory, which is why Housemarque decided to significantly reconsider its approach to work.

The above reflection resulted in the first steps in the production of the game now known as Returnal . Housemarque specialists began to develop it even before they could be sure of support from Sony .

But after learning more about Returnal, Sony happily decided to help the creators implement it for the PlayStation 5 and became a full-fledged publisher. For this, the Housemarque team expresses its deep gratitude to the company.

“Today, in an era when game publishers are less and less willing to take any creative risks, we express our deep gratitude to our partners in the person of Sony, who not only gave us the opportunity to work on a very risky project but also provided comprehensive support. …

I would also like to express my gratitude to all our employees who were able to overcome many difficulties and worked to the limit of their capabilities to present the fans with a new game.

The release of a new project is an infrequent event, and this is a good reason to have a small party. Game production sometimes turns into real magic, you create literally from nothing, start with a small idea, which later grows and gradually turns into a finished concept. But not all of them live to see the release. In our case, the very first draft [Returnal] was assembled back in August 2015, and now, so many years later, we have finally witnessed the release of our most ambitious and daring game. This is a real miracle, “says Housemarque in its address.

Recall that the global premiere of Returnal will take place tomorrow, April 30, only on the PlayStation 5 console.

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