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Rumor: Bloodborne Remastered is coming to PS5



FromSoftware Is Working On A PlayStation 5 Exclusive - But It's Not Bloodborne 2

Bloodborne could have a next-gen version for PS5, judging by a comment from one of the creators of their official guide for PS4 …

One of the best games in the PS4 catalog could have a remastered version on PS5 … or so it seems. Bloodborne, From Software’s visceral action RPG, wowed us in 2015 with its souls like approach and dark setting and is undoubtedly one of the Sony exclusives most loved by the community.

A few months ago we told you that Bloodborne Remastered could be a reality in the new Sony console or that it would even reach other platforms such as PC. One of those responsible for the official Bloodborne guide for PS4 points out that this next-gen version could arrive in 2021.

Of course, at the moment it is just a rumor and From Software has not confirmed anything since it is working on Elden Ring, of which this morning we reveal new details of its gameplay, plot, and influences.

The arrival of Bloodborne on PS5 would make a lot of sense since it is one of the great PS4 games and nothing has been known about it for a few years. Something similar already happened early in the life of PS4 with the remaster releases of The Last of Us or God of War III.

Bloodborne Remastered would come to PS5 with great technical improvements, thanks to the potential of Sony’s next-gen console as well as all the downloadable content and DLC released to date such as The Old Hunters.

Do you think we will see the version of Bloodborne for PS5?

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